Early America

As the British gained their edge over France, colonists began pressing for independence. The Revolutionary War confounded the Chickasaws, who saw it as "brothers fighting brothers" and tried to take a neutral position. The tribe's long allegiance to England came to an end as the Chickasaws shifted towards "Mountain Leader" Piominko's efforts to befriend the Americans.

Piominko's relationship with George Washington helped the tribe greatly, even as westward expansion began to erode Chickasaw borders. The transfer of Louisiana from France to Spain was a disturbing influence.

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Chief Alexander McGillivray

Historical leader of the Creek people in early America
McGillivray began an alliance with Spain in 1784, in an effort to cause trouble for Americans and their supporters.

President George Washington

A friend and advocate of the Chickasaw Nation
George Washington served as the first president of the United States and declared that a just Indian Policy was one of his top priorities.


Helped pave the way for Chickasaw prosperity into the new American century of the 1800s
Chickasaw Leader, Piominko, was born around 1750 at Chokkilissa'- Old Town, Mississippi.

Wolf's Friend

Recognized as Piominko's biggest adversary throughout the late 1700s
Wolf's Friend, also referred to as "Ugulayacabe," was a powerful Chickasaw minko during the 1700s.