A New State

Oklahoma's unique history as Indian Territory spurs legislation designed to nullify tribal governments and pave the way for statehood in 1907, yet tribal rights are retained in the new constitution. For the next 60+ years, U.S. Indian policy vacillates between assimilation, terminating tribal rights and finding ways to "manage" tribes.

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Te Ata

World-famous for using her dramatic talents to tell the story of the Chickasaw people
Mary Frances Thompson took on the stage name Te Ata, which means "bearer of the morning" in Chickasaw.

Governor E.B. Maytubby

A proud Chickasaw heritage and dedication to furthering the progress of the Chickasaw people
During the time Maytubby governed there was a huge push for the Chickasaw tribe to elect their own leaders and to demand more sovereignty.

Governor Floyd Maytubby

Appointed governor during the Great Depression and World War II
Floyd Maytubby served the Chickasaw Nation during difficult times resulting from the end of the Great Depression and the turmoil of World War II.