Happy Birthday!

Learn Your Native Language with Rosetta Stone Chickasaw

In Episode 28 of Rosetta Stone Chickasaw, members of a Chickasaw family have dinner and celebrate a birthday.

Hattak api'ma' imimpa' — Indian tacos • Pishokchakmi' — ice cream • Taloowa — (to) sing • Awa chaffa — eleven • Paskawaalhaali' — fry bread • Mikya'ba — oh okay (disappointed interjection) • Imaafammi nittak — birthday • Chimaafammi Nittak achiyoppa'shki! — Happy Birthday! • Shoppala' akmi' — candles • Moshoochi — (to) blow out, extinguish • Halbina' — present • Tiwwi — (to) open

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