July 1, 2024

Chickasaw Nation News

To begin this episode of CNTV News, Brad and Quin head to WinStar World Casino & Resort for this year's Chickasaw Nation Elders Conference. Elders travel from near and far for fellowship opportunities, to hear community members speak and to learn about resources in their communities for senior citizens. Also at WinStar, the Chickasaw Nation hosts the 7th annual Veterans Conference, honoring men and women who serve by providing opportunities for connection and sharing information about programs for veterans.

Camp is in session! The CNASA Junior Academy gives children the opportunity to discover robotics, engineering, piloting, coding and much more through team-oriented and hands-on activities. Blending problem solving and creativity is a pillar of the experience. Meanwhile, in Davis, OK, the Chickasaw Nation's Camp Survivor is a four-day experience featuring canoeing, horseback riding, rock climbing and more.

To close the episode, Brad and Quin reconnect with Killers of the Flower Moon actor and Chickasaw citizen Tommy Schultz. After his acting dream came true, Tommy decided to pursue another passion of his: jiu-jitsu. Tommy's gym, Level-Ground Jiu-Jitsu, opened in 2023 and is a vibrant space full of learning for participants of all ages. Tommy says physical, mental and, for some people, even spiritual healing can be found through martial arts training. For him, it's all three. Beyond physical jiu-jitsu skills, Tommy hopes members of the gym learn communication and relationship-building. "It's not just about me instructing and telling you to do it. You gotta have good partners ... and if you're a good partner, your relationships are going to be good." Learn more about Tommy's gym and see available programs at LevelGroundJJ.com.