April 15, 2014

Chickasaw Nation News

This episode of CNTV News begins with a treasured annual festival – Brad Clonch and Quin Tran take us to the Chickasaw Cultural Center for the Three Sisters Spring Celebration, which pays homage to the traditional Chickasaw harvest of corn, beans and squash. The event, which attracted thousands of both in- and out-of-state visitors, also featured traditional games and horticulture-related activities for the whole family. Other festivities took place in Ada – a Youth Arts Month celebration was held at the Chickasaw Community Center in Ada. The fun-filled day featured a variety of hands-on art activities, one of which was led by Chickasaw artist Erin Shaw. Erin, who studied studio art at Baylor University and is a professor at the University of Central Oklahoma, employs color and texture as major aspects of her work. Inspired by her son's uninhibited nature and immense creativity, she also incorporates touches of whimsy and individuality. Neal McCaleb, ambassador-at-large for the Chickasaw Nation, also conducted a six-week lecture series on the effects of tribal sovereignty as a continuing education program for seniors at the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City. Finally, the Chickasaw reunion will take place May 16 and 17 at Kullihoma – more details to follow on the next episode of CNTV News!


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April 15, 2014 – Erin Shaw

Chickasaw Nation News
Chickasaw artist Erin Shaw may be new to the world of painting, but she's certainly leaned in to the craft with full force.