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15 Episodes

Bill Kinney

S16 • E2
Accounting professor Bill Kinney learned a lesson from Chickasaw history about adapting to your circumstances.

May 15, 2012

S3 • E10
This episode of CNTV News honors four Chickasaws inducted into the 2012 Chickasaw Hall of Fame, this month.

Dr. Traci Morris

S9 • E5
Traci Morris is a Chickasaw teacher, scholar and business owner.

Kent Smith, Ph.D.

S13 • E1
Kent Smith founded the Native Explorers program as a way to recruit, train and educate the next generation of Native Americans in science & medicine.

Dr. Glen Johnson

S3 • E2
Glen Johnson explains how the Chickasaw Nation is investing in education to help keep students in Oklahoma once they've completed their schooling.

Towana Spivey

S8 • E6
Towana Spivey is a curator, historian, archaeologist, cultural preservationist and the former director of the Fort Sill Museum.

Kristina Kirtley

S7 • E5
Oklahoma Native and Chickasaw Kristina Kirtley was the project manager for an organization called International Cinema Education.

Kevin Washburn

S13 • E4
A native of OKC and a graduate of Yale Law School, Kevin Washburn is currently a faculty member at the University of New Mexico School of Law.

Joshua Hinson

S7 • E6
Joshua Hinson, Director of the Department of Chickasaw Language, is passionate about language and how it emulates culture.

Mason Cole

S3 • E1
Mason Cole explains that, to him, being Chickasaw means carrying the legacy of a tribe that fought fiercely for their ideals.

Heather Ahtone

S10 • E7
Heather Ahtone offers insight into understanding American Indian art.

Ellen Brooker

S10 • E5
Ellen Brooker, an instructor at Southwest High School in San Antonio, Texas, credits her Chickasaw heritage for influencing her role as an educator.

Dr. Debra Vaughn

S2 • E2
Dr. Debra Vaughn is an Education Specialist at the University of Oklahoma.

Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham

S5 • E6
Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham describes the unique education offered at the Chickasaw Cultural Center.

Gary Sandefur

S6 • E4
Chickasaw Gary Sandefur is the Dean of the College of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


32 Videos

Cultural Center: A Seasonal Life

Celebrate Chickasaw springtime and blooming with the Three Sisters Celebration at the Cultural Center March 18th - 23rd.

Preserving the Past

3m 30s
Towana Spivey is a curator, historian, archaeologist, cultural preservationist and the former director of the Fort Sill Museum.

Towana Spivey: Hall of Fame

Towana Spivey has utilized his lifelong love of history to benefit American Indian tribes across Oklahoma.

Kristina Kirtley: Sharing Stories

Kristina Kirtley is a former project manager for International Cinema Education.

Teaching the Chickasaw Language at Byng High School

Joshua Hinson talks about the Chickasaw language course that he teaches at Byng High School in Oklahoma.

Artwork Experience: Possum Stories and Book Covers

Joshua Hinson describes the stories he illustrates and how he incorporates the Chickasaw language into his artwork.

Scholarships in the Division of Education Services

Winter Bass says without the grants and scholarships she received, she wouldn't have pursued a higher education.

Two Keys to Learning the Language

Joshua Hinson explains the keys to keeping the Chickasaw dialect alive.

Language Is Culture

Joshua Hinson describes the differences in English and Chickasaw pronunciations of native words & how certain words don't translate between the two.

Joshua Hinson's Goal to Become Fluent

Joshua Hinson expresses his goal of becoming a fluent speaker of the Chickasaw language.

Joshua Hinson: My "Chickasaw Survival" Class at OU

Joshua Hinson describes the Chickasaw language learning community available to University of Oklahoma students.

The Ancient Language of Clans

1m 30s
Joshua Hinson describes how his family learned the history of its clan, the Panther Clan.

Resources for Learning the Language

2m 30s
Joshua Hinson talks about the variety of new methods available for people to learn the Chickasaw language.

Reviving the Chickasaw Language

Joshua Hinson talks about the efforts to revitalization the Chickasaw language.

Immersing Myself in the Language

Joshua Hinson recalls the first Chickasaw dictionary he had and explains how he became more interested and proficient in the language.

The Chickasaw Language: Less Variation in Dialect

1m 30s
Joshua Hinson describes the lack of variation in the Chickasaw dialect & how that fact is an advantage to teaching the language to future generations.

New Words: The Language Evolves

Joshua Hinson explains how the Language Committee creates new words & how the vocabulary has developed over time through language revitalization.

Citizens Wanted Our Cultural Center Bilingual

1m 30s
Joshua Hinson talks about the decision to heavily include the language in the naming and construction of the Chickasaw Cultural Center.

How to Become Proficient in Chickasaw

1m 30s
Joshua Hinson discusses the Nation’s Master-Apprentice program and how it takes a unique and passionate person to learn a new language.

The Chickasaw Language Committee

1m 30s
Joshua Hinson explains how the Language Committee's knowledge base is incredibly important to the survival of both the Chickasaw language & culture.


13 Profiles

Kevin Washburn

A lifetime of work advocating for the legal rights of Native American people
Chickasaw citizen Kevin Washburn has spent practically his entire adult life working on behalf of Native American nations.

Kent Smith, Ph.D.

Dedicated to recruiting and training the next generation of Native Americans in scientists
Kent Smith founded the Native Explorers program as a way to recruit, train and educate the next generation of Native Americans in science & medicine.

Gary Sandefur

The first American Indian to be named Dean at the University of Wisconsin-Madison
In 2014, Oklahoma State University appointed Gary Sandefur Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Dr. Glen D. Johnson, Jr.

Distinguished politician who has dedicated himself to quality education for Oklahomans
Johnson has had a long political career in Oklahoma City and strongly advocates for the importance of higher education.

Dr. Traci Morris

A dedication to utilizing new in technology that contribute to the progress of Native Americans
Dr. Morris is a business owner, teacher, scholar and proud member of the Chickasaw Nation.

Joshua D. Hinson

A lifelong dedication to the perpetuation of the Chickasaw language
Joshua D. Hinson is a Chickasaw linguist, artist and cultural historian dedicated to the perpetuation of the Chickasaw language.

Dr. Debra Vaughn

An adamant proponent of higher education, descended from a prominent Chickasaw family
Debra currently serves as the Director of Student Employment & Career Services at Oklahoma City Community College.

Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham

Renowned scholar and educator dedicated to the study of Native American culture
Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham is currently the Director of Native American Studies at the University of Oklahoma.

Mason Cole

Inspired by his aunt Te Ata to educate others about the legacy and history of the Chickasaw Nation
Cole grew up understanding the importance of his Chickasaw family heritage and was inspired to educate others about the Chickasaw Nation history.

Ellen Brooker

Using her unique perspective as a Chickasaw to teach students about Native American culture
Ellen Brooker, a well-respected history and social studies instructor, has been teaching for over 28 years.

Towana Spivey

Known for his commitment to the preservation of Chickasaw history and culture
Spivey served as the director and curator of the Fort Sill National Historic Landmark Museum for almost 30 years.

Kristina Kirtley

Although she lives far from the Chickasaw Nation, her heritage is always close to her heart
Kirtley is no stranger to helping others and has spent over ten years teaching in NYC while remaining connected to her Chickasaw heritage.

Heather Ahtone

Devoted to developing an interdisciplinary approach to studying Native American art
Heather Ahtone is the senior curator at the First Americans Museum in downtown Oklahoma City.