Serving his state and nation

Lieutenant Dwight Durant of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol is proud of a career with such an honorable institution. He contends that his job is less about ticketing speeders and more about helping the public; sometimes all it takes to turn someone's life around is compassion and a listening ear. In his capacity as Public Information Officer for the OHP, Durant's special role is communicating with the people he serves. From clarifying the law enforcement agency's duties to documenting highway accidents to every trooper’s sad duty of notifying a family of a loved one's death, he is a mouthpiece of the department and a visible public figure.

Durant says that most of his stops result in warnings instead of tickets, and he values the positive interactions that he can have with civilians. Even the simple act of being seen causes drivers to slow down and makes the roads safer.

Service with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol is a family legacy for Durant, whose father, Bennie Durant, was a troop commander in Tulsa. Dwight Durant treasures his status as a citizen of the state of Oklahoma, and he is equally proud of his membership in the Chickasaw Nation.