Warrior Spirit

Unconquered and unconquerable, the spirit of the Chickasaw warrior lives on in unwavering determination, a fierce competitiveness, and focused attention on the path to success in the modern world. See where it started in the history of Chickasaw warriors.

How Mountain Leader Piominko Got His Name

Brad Lieb

The famed Mountain Leader Piominko’s name comes from the Chickasaw words “hopayi',” meaning prophet and “minko',” meaning leader. He earned his name, though, by going through a series of culturally prescribed actions that established him as a great leader among the Chickasaw.



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Piominko: Hall of Fame

2010 Inductee
Piominko served Chickasaws during the 18th century. He was born around 1750 at Chokkilissa' - Old Town, Mississippi.