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A variety of foods are considered traditional Chickasaw fare, the most notable of which are grape dumplings, Indian fry bread and pashofa. In the videos below, explore traditional recipes that will excite the taste buds, and learn about cultural practices that ensure the importance of food, family and Chickasaw heritage are never forgotten.

Picking Wild Onions

A Chickasaw Culinary Tradition

Native Americans, and Chickasaws in particular, have a rich history of using wild onions in their cooking. Here, listen as Rose Shields Jefferson, JoAnn Ellis and Stanley Smith speak Chickasaw and recount their family traditions that integrate the wild onion.



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The Timeless Dish of Pashofa

A Chickasaw Culinary Tradition
Pashofa is a traditional Chickasaw & Choctaw dish made from cracked corn, or hominy, and stewed pork.