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A variety of foods are considered traditional Chickasaw fare, the most notable of which are grape dumplings, Indian fry bread and pashofa. In the videos below, explore traditional recipes that will excite the taste buds, and learn about cultural practices that ensure the importance of food, family and Chickasaw heritage are never forgotten.

Get Fresh: Three Sisters Stew

Healthy Recipes

This three sisters stew is full of protein from lean ground beef, red kidney beans and black-eyed peas. It also incorporates onions, tomatoes, red potatoes, corn, squash, zucchini and garlic for added vitamins and nutrients. Regularly substituting processed foods with fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains is a great step in improving your overall health.



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Steven Bond
Steven Bond discusses the dangers that ancient food crops face from being exposed to the newer, hybridized breeds.

The Three Sisters: A Hallmark of Indian Tables

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
LaDonna Brown describes the components of mound sites, where the inhabitants planted large fields with corn, beans and squash.

Get Fresh: Fruit & Yogurt Muffins

Healthy Recipes
These fruit & yogurt muffins incorporate whole-wheat flour, low-fat blueberry yogurt for added protein and fresh blueberries for antioxidants.

Get Fresh: Oatmeal Pancakes

Healthy Recipes
These oatmeal pancakes incorporate cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves for a punch of flavorful nutrients.