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A variety of foods are considered traditional Chickasaw fare, the most notable of which are grape dumplings, Indian fry bread and pashofa. In the videos below, explore traditional recipes that will excite the taste buds, and learn about cultural practices that ensure the importance of food, family and Chickasaw heritage are never forgotten.

November 2011 - Chickasaw Cookbook

Chickasaw Nation News

Friends Vicki Penner and JoAnn Ellis, authors of the Chickasaw cookbook "Ilimpa'chi", have gathered more than 50 traditional Chickasaw recipes in the latest publication by the Chickasaw Press. Vicki and JoAnn express the importance of this endeavor as a means to share their heritage with the rest of the Nation and define the organic importance of food, family and Chickasaw culture. For more information about this and the complete collection of Chickasaw Press publications, please visit



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November 2011 - Bedré Chocolate Groundbreaking

Chickasaw Nation News
In late 2012, Bedré Chocolate will have a new home in Davis, OK in a 34,600 square-foot factory off of I-35 and Highway 7.

November 2011 - The Chickasaw White House

Chickasaw Nation News
The Chickasaw White House in Milburn, Oklahoma was built in 1895 by Chickasaw Governor Douglas Johnston and was home to his family from 1898-1971.