River Culture

The Mississippi River provided an essential resource for the tribe's people: river cane. This Chickasaw necessity was used for everything from basketry to tool making – disciplines that are still passed down at the Chickasaw Cultural Center.

Oka' Yanahli Preserve

Experience the Chickasaw Nation

The Nature Conservancy is the newest nature preserve, located along Oklahoma's Blue River. Funding from the Chickasaw Nation allowed the acquisition of the 490-acre preserve which will protect the waters of the Blue River system. The preserve was named Oka' Yanahli, meaning "flowing water" in Chickasaw. To find out more about The Nature Conservancy's efforts in Oklahoma, visit Nature.org/Oklahoma.



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Oka' Yanahli Preserve Preview

Experience the Chickasaw Nation
The Nature Conservancy unveiled its newest nature preserve along Oklahoma's Blue River on March 31st.

April 15, 2012 – Oka' Yanali Preserve Dedication

Chickasaw Nation News
The Oklahoma Chapter of the Nature Conservancy, in partnership with the Chickasaw Nation, is restoring a one mile stretch of the Blue River.