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By speaking and sharing the language, Chickasaw people are ensuring its survival for many years to come. Here, discover how Chickasaw linguists and elders are working to preserve their ancestral tongue.

Joshua Hinson's Goal to Become Fluent

The Chickasaw Nation

Joshua Hinson is an artist and Director of the Department of Chickasaw Language in the Division of History and Culture for the Chickasaw Nation. Here, Joshua describes what he thinks a fluent speaker is and how his goal is to become like those he so admires.


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Speaking in Chickasaw

Joshua Hinson
Josh Hinson speaks about his family, childhood and Chickasaw heritage in the Chickasaw language.

Immersing Myself in the Language

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson recalls the first Chickasaw dictionary he had and explains how he became more interested and proficient in the language.

Two Keys to Learning the Language

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson explains the keys to keeping the Chickasaw dialect alive.

The Chickasaw Language: Less Variation in Dialect

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson describes the lack of variation in the Chickasaw dialect & how that fact is an advantage to teaching the language to future generations.

Language Is Culture

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson describes the differences in English and Chickasaw pronunciations of native words & how certain words don't translate between the two.