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Chickasaw matriarchal leaders stand strong with the core tribal values passed from generation to generation. They are the keepers of the stories. They are the guardians of tradition – the foundation of the family. Explore their stories – a testament to the surviving spirit of the nation.

Three Generations: Speaking Chickasaw

JoAnn Ellis, Johnna Walker & Nacobi Walker

As a Native speaker, JoAnn Ellis is vital to the Chickasaw Nation. People come to her for translations, for instructions or simply to hear the language. Her daughter and granddaughter are also learning the language, doing their part to conserve culture and preserve what's unique about the Chickasaw people.


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Nacobi Walker, Joann Ellis, and Johnna Walker
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Three Generations: A Caring Family

JoAnn Ellis, Johnna Walker & Nacobi Walker
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