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A variety of programs such as camps, clubs and classes exists to help Chickasaws of all ages learn the ancestral language. By fusing learning with excitement, these programs increase retention and spark a passion for sharing the language with others.

Behind the Scenes: Rosetta Stone Chickasaw

The Thread That Binds Us Together

Rosetta Stone Chickasaw is available now! Forty immersive lessons, developed with Chickasaw native speakers and Rosetta Stone’s award-winning online platform, will enable you to learn conversational Chickasaw phrases used in daily life. In this behind-the-scenes video, meet the actors in the Rosetta Stone series. Other than Rose Shields-Jefferson, a Chickasaw elder and member of the Chickasaw language committee, all are non-native speakers who learned their lines with intense dedication and enthusiasm. Submit your application at to register for Rosetta Stone Chickasaw.