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Chickasaw citizens have access to programs to help with down payments or assistance with repairs, plus rental programs are available for those who aren't quite ready to take the leap into home ownership. Citizens even have the opportunity to pick out plants and sod for their homes. Additionally, there are a wide variety of community services available for Chickasaws from all walks of life.

Chuka Chukmasi Loan Program

Kay Perry, Director of Counseling and Loan Services

The Chickasaw Nation's Chuka Chukmasi loan program helps citizens get into the home of their dreams. Meaning "beautiful home" in Chickasaw, Chuka Chukmasi provides loans to buy or build a new house, remodel or refinance a current one. The overall goal of Chuka Chukmasi is to create more Chickasaw homeowners. Since the program's inception in 2000, it has generated over $100 million in loan volume. Services include home loans, home improvement loans, construction loans, and subordinated second mortgages. The grant program, which is a one-time benefit, assists with down payment and closing costs when purchasing or doing a rate-term finance.



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Chickasaw Reading Programs

Michelle Key, Director of Childcare Services, and Bryson Vann, Tribal Library Specialist
Emphasizing the importance of literacy, the Chickasaw Reading Program sends children one book a month until they reach the age of five.

The Chickasaw Nation Storm Shelter Program

Terry Davis, Director of Housing Management Services
The Chickasaw Nation offers a storm shelter installation program to keep its citizens secure in these times of distress.

About At-Large Services

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
The services at-large program allows those who live outside the Nation’s boundaries to take advantage of the benefits available to Chickasaw citizens.

About Health Services

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
The Chickasaw Nation’s health and wellness programs and services play a critical role in improving the quality of life for tribal citizens.

About Housing Services

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
The Division of Housing and Tribal Development was established to ensure that every Chickasaw citizen has access to affordable quality housing.

About Elders Services

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
The Chickasaw Nation’s elders programs play a critical role in improving the quality of life for some of the Nation’s most treasured citizens.

About Education Services

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
Education opens the doors to opportunity — better career paths, higher salaries, and overall improved quality of life.