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Chickasaw fluent speakers are the driving force in language preservation. Their willingness to share their priceless knowledge with younger generations is essential to the language's survival.

Fluent Speakers Sing Hymn

The Chickasaw Nation

Pauline Brown and Jerry Imotichey lead Chickasaw fluent speakers singing a hymn from a Choctaw hymnal.


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Pauline Brown: Hall of Fame

2007 Inductee
Pauline Carpenter Brown is a fluent speaker of the Chickasaw language and has considerable knowledge of Chickasaw history and culture.

Fluent Speakers Sing The Gospel

The Chickasaw Nation
Chickasaw fluent speakers sing "The Gospel" from a collection of Choctaw hymns.

Pauline Brown: Fluent Chickasaw Speaker

The Chickasaw Nation
Meet Pauline Carpenter Brown, fluent Chickasaw speaker and Chickasaw Hall of Fame inductee.