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From pottery and flute-making to weaving and beading, experience the rich heritage of crafting in the Chickasaw Nation. In the videos below, discover the creative traditions that have brought generations of Chickasaws together.

Beaded Jewelry

Chickasaw Culture Keepers

Chickasaw citizen Melvin Burris is both a basket maker and a jewelry maker. He creates his baskets out of a unique material: ropes that were previously used for team roping. When making jewelry, he frequently uses materials like turquoise, coral and black onyx, as well as a variety of man-made stones. To each of his necklaces and bracelets, he adds a small silver feather bead as a signature. "My grandmother was full-blood Chickasaw, and she taught us the Chickasaw ways," Burris said. "I'm glad she did because I took it to heart, and I'm teaching my kids most of what she taught me."