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The Chickasaw Nation is making significant contributions to the Oklahoma economy — and this revitalized Indian Nation continues to introduce new and diverse economic ventures each year — stimulating economic growth, creating new jobs and supplementing our Nation's program funding.

Positioned Well for Growth

Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce

The Oklahoma economy is poised for growth. Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce, says Oklahomans should feel positive about the future. The Native American tribes are a collective benefit to Oklahoma's economy and are able to add an extra dimension to the state's growth opportunities.


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Steady Course to Success

Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce, Chickasaw Nation
In a changing marketplace, the key to future success is in applying core values of the tribe while looking for new opportunities.

Foundation for Economic Growth

Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce
Bill Lance explains that the sustained economic growth of the Chickasaw Nation rests on the continuity of tribal leadership and strategic planning.

The Chickasaw Nation: Partners in Oklahoma's Economy

The Chickasaw Nation
The Chickasaw Nation employs more than 10,000 people and its total economic impact is $2.4 billion dollars in the state of Oklahoma.