Brent Greenwood Videos

He is an award-winning contemporary artist of Chickasaw and Ponca heritage.

Incorporating Native Elements into Art

Brent Greenwood

Paintings don't have to be made of just paint. Artist Brent Greenwood sometimes adds physical elements like horsehair, shells and beading to the canvas to create depth and to better tell the story of the piece.


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February 15, 2011 – Brent Greenwood: Vision through Color

Chickasaw Nation News
Contemporary artist Brent Greenwood expounds upon his creative process.

Creating a Unique Style as an Artist

Brent Greenwood
As a child, Artist Brent Greenwood hadn't fully developed his own personal style yet.

Medicine Birds

Brent Greenwood
The Ivory-billed Woodpecker is thought to be extinct, though some may have been spotted over the years in the forests of the Southeast.

Institute of American Indian Arts

Brent Greenwood
While at Oklahoma City University on an art scholarship, a dream was forming in Brent's mind: attending the Institute of American Indian Arts.

Brent Greenwood: "Complete, But Not Finished"

Chickasaw Artist
Brent Greenwood once delivered a painting to an art show when the paint was still wet.

December 1, 2011: Brent Greenwood's Paris Exhibition

Chickasaw Nation News
Eleven American Indian artists from Oklahoma were invited to participate in the 2011 exhibit of the Salon du Dessin et de la Peinture à l'Eau.