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Airing on local PBS affiliate OETA, Winter Fire is an award-winning documentary series related to the history, culture and people of the Chickasaw Nation, with several themes shared by other American Indian nations thriving in Oklahoma today. Oral histories passed from generation to generation, combined with the historical record, include accounts of the forced removal from their homeland, the boarding school era when traditional culture was under attack, the revitalization of the endangered Chickasaw language and the survival of the Chickasaw Nation itself.

From August 28 to October 2, tune in to OETA on Saturdays at 1:30 p.m. CDT to see six exclusive director's cuts of Winter Fire.

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August 28: Episode 1 | Traditional Medicine

Traditional Indian medicine goes back centuries to when Medicine Men were a vital part of tribal society, treating mind, body and spirit. Today there are efforts to retain the remedies that have been passed down through generations, before they are lost forever.

September 4: Episode 2 | Arrival in Indian Territory

The forced removal of tribal nations from their traditional homelands was only the beginning of unimaginable hardships. New challenges in Indian Territory would test the strength of native people to persevere and survive.

*September 11: Episode 3 | Douglas Johnston

Some men are born leaders. Others are shaped by the challenging times they must overcome. Meet a man who was the right man at the right time to forge his name in Oklahoma history as both a leader and a legacy.

*Episode 3 will not air on OETA. Visit to watch the full episode online starting at 2 PM CT on Saturday, September 11.

September 18: Episode 4 | And Our Mothers Cried

They were young. They were innocent. And all they had to give up for an education was their cultural identity. The devastating impact of the Native American boarding school era right here in Oklahoma.

September 25: Episode 5 | Voices of Our Ancestors

Language is the glue that holds a culture together, binding people to their past and guiding them into the future. Today indigenous languages are critically endangered, but not willing to go away quietly.

October 2: Episode 6 | Tribal Resurgence

They were all but extinguished—their culture, their government, their place in history, all under assault. Follow the journey of the Chickasaw people to regain control of their own destiny.