Winter Fire on OETA

A Chickasaw Storytellers' Series

As seen on local PBS affiliate OETA, Winter Fire is an award-winning documentary series related to the history, culture and people of the Chickasaw Nation, with several themes shared by other American Indian nations thriving in Oklahoma today. From August 28 to October 2, tune in to OETA on Saturdays at 1:30 p.m. CDT to see six exclusive director's cuts of Winter Fire.

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Winter Fire | Episode 1: Traditional Medicine

A Chickasaw Storytellers' Series
Learn about the ancient methods of traditional Chickasaw healers in this director's cut of Winter Fire, as seen on local PBS affiliate OETA.

Winter Fire | Episode 2: Arrival In Indian Territory

A Chickasaw Storytellers' Series
Amidst Chickasaw removal to Indian Territory, the crucial Fort Washita was constructed and leaders such as Cyrus Harris emerged.

Winter Fire | Episode 3: Douglas Johnston

A Chickasaw Storytellers' Series
In this director's cut of Winter Fire as seen on local PBS affiliate OETA, journey through history to learn about the life of Gov. Douglas Johnston.

Winter Fire | Episode 4: And Our Mothers Cried

A Chickasaw Storytellers' Series
During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, American Indian children were sent to boarding schools to erase their culture and way of life.

Winter Fire | Episode 5: Voices of Our Ancestors

A Chickasaw Storytellers’ Series
With fewer then 50 native speakers, the Chickasaw language is threatened like never before—a threat set in motion over a century ago.

Winter Fire | Episode 6: Tribal Resurgence

A Chickasaw Storytellers' Series
See how the Chickasaw people remained unconquered and unconquerable through centuries of struggle in this award-winning director's cut of Winter Fire.