Language Education

Educators are vital in ensuring that the Chickasaw language continues to be passed on from generation to generation. Here, witness their efforts and learn how the language is being taught to a new era of speakers.

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Resources for Learning the Language

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson talks about the variety of new methods available for people to learn the Chickasaw language.

Chickasaw Language Resources

Joshua Hinson
Resources to learn the Chickasaw language are available in many mediums to meet the needs of new speakers.

Language Lessons

Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham, Director of Native American Studies, University of Oklahoma
Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham, Director of Native American Studies at the University of Oklahoma, discusses the head-start language program.

Joshua Hinson: My "Chickasaw Survival" Class at OU

The Chickasaw Nation
Joshua Hinson describes the Chickasaw language learning community available to University of Oklahoma students.

A Linguist's Appreciation of the Chickasaw Language

Pamela Munro
Pamela Munro is a linguistics professor at University of California at Los Angeles.

JoAnn Ellis: Teacher of the Chickasaw Language

JoAnn Ellis
JoAnn Ellis remembers learning both Chickasaw and English beginning in her early youth.

Teaching the Chickasaw Language

Stanley Smith
Stanley Smith says the Chickasaw language connects people to their heritage, and is something to be passed down from generation to generation.

Teaching the Chickasaw Language at Byng High School

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson talks about the Chickasaw language course that he teaches at Byng High School in Oklahoma.