Camps & Clubs

Chickasaw camps and clubs combine language lessons with fun activities, providing youth members of the Nation and their families with the opportunity for meaningful language immersion and retention.

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Language Sports Camp

The Chickasaw Nation
The Chickasaw Nation's Language Sports Camp is called "Himitta Alhiha' Hoochokoshkomo" which means "the youth are playing" in Chickasaw.

Chickasaw Language Camp: Stickball

The Chickasaw Nation
Learn words and phrases in the Chickasaw language with on-screen "Anompa pop-ups" as you watch this video from Language Immersion Family Camp.

'Children Speaking Chickasaw' Club

Joshua Hinson
Chipota Chikashshanompoli, or "Children Speaking Chickasaw" club, is a vital and vibrant part of the Chickasaw language revitalization program.

Putting the Chickasaw Language into the Martial Arts Program

Matt Clark
Matt Clark explains his love and passion for learning the Chickasaw language.

Language Immersion Family Camp at Tatanka Ranch

The Chickasaw Nation
This language camp for families helps parents and kids unplug and focus their time and energy on basic, functional Chickasaw language skills.

September 1, 2011 - Language Sports Camp and Lighthorse Police Youth Academy

Chickasaw Nation News
Chickasaw kids get the opportunity to combine physical fitness and the Chickasaw language at the annual Language Sports Camp.

Chickasaw Nation Martial Arts Program: "Combining Chickasaw and the Martial Arts"

Matt Clark
Children learn an appreciation for the Chickasaw language through lessons in the Martial Arts Program.

Chickasaw Language Immersion Family Camp

The Chickasaw Nation
They're learning, laughing, playing games, hiking, fishing and speaking Chickasaw.

Chickasaw Youth Excel

2011 Language Fair
The Chickasaw Nation Chipota Chikashshanompoli (children speaking Chickasaw) language club received first place in several categories.

Language Camps for Families

Lisa Billy
Chickasaw language family camps are now available that can teach Chickasaw to the parents as well as the children.