2019 Heartland Emmys

Chickasaw.tv Emmy Nominations

Congratulations to Chickasaw.tv, The Chickasaw Nation and Chickasaw Films for their Heartland Emmy nominations! Watch all four of Chickasaw.tv's Emmy-nominated episodes here.

Traditional Medicine

S1 • E3
Learn about the ancient methods of traditional Chickasaw healers—and the contemporary seekers after their vanishing knowledge.

Arrival In Indian Territory—Fort Washita

S1 • E4
Challenges encountered in Indian Territory by the newly relocated Chickasaws led to the construction of Fort Washita.

Flint Knapping

S3 • E2
Chickasaw flint knapper Matthew Griffin's love of archaeology led him to start crafting his own stone tools using traditional methods.

Cyrus Harris

S1 • E2
Cyrus Harris emerged as a leader amidst the move to Indian Territory and became the first Governor of the Chickasaw Nation.