Strength and compassion

Having already raised five biological children, Chickasaw citizen Sonya Frazier and her husband made the decision in 2016 to become foster parents. Now she has already fostered six children and says that she will continue to foster as many as she is allowed to. Keeping siblings together is one of her most important goals. When she and her brother were growing up, they always knew that they had an older sister somewhere; she says that when they finally met her, they felt a profound sense of completion. She believes in a strong, united family unit as a pivotal part of Chickasaw culture and a source of strength. Frazier wants to encourage others to become foster parents, citing the great need and the tremendous impact of sharing love with children in need. "To me, that's just the Chickasaw way," she says. "We just have to help each other, take care of each other, take care of our children—that's just how we survive."