Our History is World History

In The America We Share Today

Much like fibers being threaded through a loom, our story is woven together with empires, rebels and tribes we've encountered over centuries, an intricate pattern that can never be unraveled. Our struggles and triumphs, our achievements and defeats, they're all just one part of humanity's shared experience. We may all be different, but in this way, we're united as one.


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Why does it take so long for the network to load?
The loading time depends on your computer's connection speed. Broadband connectivity is optimum; using a cable or dial-up connection will result in slower load times.

Why won't the video play?
If you are experiencing problems viewing videos, you may have an outdated version of Flash. All live and on-demand programming is streamed as Adobe Flash Video, and Adobe Flash Player 10.1+ is required for viewing. Download it for free, here.

What bandwidth requirements produce the highest quality viewing results? broadcasts in high definition. As a result, video files are best viewed using a broadband connection speed of at least 700 Kbps. If you are unsure of your connectivity or speed, you can check it by visiting or a similar website. While channels will function using cable or dial-up connections, it may result in slower load times and less-than-optimum streaming quality.

What are the minimum system requirements to watch videos?
Windows: Microsoft XP SP 2 (with latest updates installed) or above; Firefox 3.0+, Internet Explorer 8.0+ or Safari 3.1+
Macintosh: Mac OSX 10.3 Panther or above; Firefox 3.0+ or Safari 3.1+
Flash Player 10.1+
Broadband Internet connection or access to a high-speed network
XVGA (1024 x 768) or higher resolution

Do I need Adobe Flash Player or plug-in installed?
Yes, the Flash plug-in/player needs to be installed to view content. If Flash is not detected on your computer, you will be prompted to install Flash 10.1+, a free download from Adobe.

Can content be accessed on a portable device?
Yes. The entire network is available on both smart phones and tablets.

Where can I get help?
For other questions and issues, you can contact technical assistance.