Preserving a Spoken History

Though its roots are ancient, the Chickasaw language is very much alive today. Use these resources and learn Chickasaw words and phrases through easy instructional videos, discover the multitude of educational opportunities the Chickasaw Nation offers, meet the Chickasaw elders and linguists who are keeping the Nation’s spoken word alive and explore a web app to further your mastery of the Chickasaw language. Chinittakat chinchokma’shki!


Learn Chickasaw words and phrases through instructional videos. From the fun educational videos featuring two dogs, Konta and Hottok, to Chickasaw video lessons from Joshua Hinson and JoAnn Ellis — take advantage of these excellent tools to practice speaking the Chickasaw language.

And now, Rosetta Stone Chickasaw is available to help you learn phrases in daily life! For more information, click here.