History Timeline

The Life and Times of the Chickasaw People

Explore the rich historical timeline of the Chickasaws from the nation’s roots to its present day existence. From the early days of European discovery to the dark periods of settler encroachment, the Chickasaws emerged a stronger nation, one that would once again gain sovereignty in later years. Today, in the days of our creative renaissance, the Chickasaw Nation is flourishing once again.

Treaty of San Lorenzo


In the Treaty of San Lorenzo, also known as Pinckney’s Treaty, Spain ceded its claim to the land above the 31st degree latitude and west to the Mississippi River. From a colonial viewpoint, this officially placed all Chickasaw lands within U.S. boundaries. The treaty was a significant diplomatic success for the U.S. It not only resolved former territorial disputes with Spain, but it gave American ships the right to navigate the Mississippi River, as well as duty-free transport through New Orleans, which was still under Spanish control. However, this treaty did not bode well for the Chickasaws. It both enabled and encouraged American settlers to continue their western expansion into Chickasaw territory.