History Timeline

The Life and Times of the Chickasaw People

Explore the rich historical timeline of the Chickasaws from the nation’s roots to its present day existence. From the early days of European discovery to the dark periods of settler encroachment, the Chickasaws emerged a stronger nation, one that would once again gain sovereignty in later years. Today, in the days of our creative renaissance, the Chickasaw Nation is flourishing once again.

Indian Trade and Intercourse Act


One of the initial acts passed by the first U.S. Congress was the Indian Trade and Intercourse Act of 1790. Passed on July 22, 1790, this was the first law to regulate trade between Native Americans and colonists. Congress proclaimed its treaty-making policy and mandated that all interactions between Indians and non-Indians were under federal control. During this time, federal officials favored efforts to “civilize” tribal nations, a sentiment that would later influence Indian removal.

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